Adelaide Bank Reviews | Adelaide Bank Internet banking at

Adelaide Bank Reviews | Adelaide Bank Internet banking at

Adelaide Bank is a public liability company with its headquarters at Adelaide, South Australia. The bank merged with Bendigo Bank in 2007.Adelaide Bank Internet

However before its merger in the year 2007 with the Bendigo Bank, Adelaide bank first traded as

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History of Adelaide Bank | Adelaide Bank Internet

Adelaide Bank was established on 1 January 1994 from the Co-operative Building Society of South Australia Limited. South Australia Limited was

Adelaide Bank was merged  August 2007, received approximately 98% votes of its ordinary shareholders for the support of the merger on the 12th of September 2007, barely a month after the merger. The government of Australia approved the merger on the 16thof November and the implementation started on the 30 0f November 2007. The name officially changed to Bendigo and Adelaide bank in March 2008.

Bendigo and Adelaide bank

This is an Australian financing banking which trades primarily in retail banking with its headquarters at Bendigo, with a major office in Adelaide, South Australia.

Key officers

Mike Hirst is the CEO while Robert Johanson is the chairman.


The bank’s branches are primarily in


Rural Bank, Bendigo Debtor Finance, Sand Hurst Trustees,Bendigo financial planning, Leveraged equities,Community telco,Delphi bank,Delphi bank


  • Southern Finance
  • Wheeler financial services


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s assets at present exceed $52 billion and are found throughout Australia, with 75% of assets found outside of South Australia. The bank generates over 3% of the national mortgage loan approval, or $700 million a month and is one of Australia’s biggest margin lenders.

Market Size

Bendigo and Adelaide bank being Australia’s fifth largest retail bank, has more than 7,200 staff and 1.6 million customers.


The vision of this merger bank is to be Australia’s most connected bank which is driven by helping customers and the communities they operate in, to be successful.

Joint Ventures

Community sector banking.

Home safe solutions.


Silver body corporate financial services.

Adelaide Direct

T 1300 652 220

T +61 8 8300 6000 (from outside Australia

T 1300 BENDIGO (1300 236 344)

T +61 3 5445 0666 (from outside Australia)