Airdrie Savings Bank Online At

Airdrie Savings Bank Online At

Airdrie Savings Bank is a savings bank with its head office in Airdrie Scotland. It was established in 1835 and has been serving customers for over 180 years.Airdrie Savings Bank

The Bank concentrated its activities in Airdrie until 1916 when it spread its wings into Coatbridge.

Since then the bank has operated from a number of branch locations in the surrounding area, Bellshill, Shotts, Muirhead, Baillieston, Whifflet, Motherwell, and Falkirk.

Currently, Airdrie has locations in Airdrie, Coatbridge, and Bellshill. In 2015, the bank closed its branches in Baillieston, Muirhead, Motherwell and Shotts.

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History of Airdrie Savings Bank

Airdrie Savings Bank was born out of the savings-bank movement pioneered in 19th-century Scotland by the Rev Henry Duncan, concerned that his poor parishioners had nowhere to save money earned in good times to draw on in tough times later.

The bank was founded in 1835 by the efforts of four “founding fathers” – Rev. John Carslaw (a local church minister and a strong advocate of the temperance movement); Dr. William Clark (a retired doctor and member of a wealthy old Airdrie family); Rev.

Andrew Ferrier (another local minister); and James Knox (a local hat and cap manufacturer).   When the ASB started in 1835, it was much like what the credit union was. ASB, along with others, were set up to allow poor folk to put a little aside somewhere safe.

The TSB movement, founded largely by Rev Henry Duncan, grew and these eventually merged –
except for Airdrie – in the 1980s were then taken over by what is now Lloyds Banking Group in 1995.

The account was first opened on the 21st of January 1835 with a deposit of £2 10s and by the end of 1835, a total of £355 had been deposited (over £31,000 today). Airdrie Savings Bank today is the only independent savings bank in Britain.

The bank operates a  no shareholder policy. Consequently, It does not need to pay dividends and any surpluses are available for reinvestment for the benefit of customers.

Products and Services of Airdrie Savings Bank

Airdrie Savings Bank, offer customers a range of personal banking products and services. This includes,

  • Bank accounts
  • Savings
  • Mortgage
  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Investment
  • Online banking
  • Lost cards


  • 2013 – Airdrie Savings Bank Launched short-term loans for existing customers
  • Airdrie savings bank closed its Motherwell and Baillieston branches, and part-time outlets in Muirhead and Shotts, on 28 August 2015

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