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Arbuthnot Latham Online Banking Login | Arbuthnot Latham Internet Banking At

Arbuthnot Latham is the private banking arm of parent company Arbuthnot Banking Group. The bank was incorporated in 1921 and is based in London, United Kingdom with additional offices in Manchester and Exeter, United Kingdom. Its international office is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Arbuthnot Latham & Co. Limited operates as a subsidiary of Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC.Arbuthnot Latham Online

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History Arbuthnot Latham Online and Offline

Arbuthnot Latham is one of Britain’s oldest banking names with a history stretching back to at least the earliest 19th century. In its early years, the company thrived as a merchant of produce from India, such as cotton, tea, and jute.

Adapting with the times, it also expanded into lending and finance. By the end of the 19th century, the company’s financial services were proving to be more significant than its trading activities.

In 1921, the company was incorporated as Arbuthnot Latham & Co – a company limited by liability. The company was renamed the Arbuthnot Latham Bank Ltd on the 1st of January 1983.

In 1981, Arbuthnot Latham & Co was bought by Dow Scandia, a consortium majority-owned by Dow Chemical. Arbuthnot’s time as a ward of Dow was brief and unremarkable, except that Dow’s staff included a young Swiss banker, Henry Angest.

Angest had ambitions of his own and, when Dow tired of Arbuthnot, he bought a section called Secure Homes, a small bank in Birmingham. The rest of Arbuthnot went through a demoralizing period, passing through the hands of four owners by 1990.

No one wanted a pedigree City merchant bank. But that year Angest bought its fund management arm. Angest created a new banking group, which he renamed Arbuthnot Banking Group.

Products and Services of Arbuthnot Latham Online Banking

The company offers banking, investment management, financial planning, pension, leasing, and factoring and invoice discounting services, as well as alternative investments.

Its services include current accounts, money transmission, money market deposits, notice accounts, electronic banking. The rest are, borrowing facilities, treasury, foreign exchange, fiduciary deposits, and derivative products; and investment advice and portfolio management, trust and company management. Also, Arbuthnot Latham Internet Banking At Provides you fund management, personal and inheritance tax planning, life assurance and family protection, health insurance and income protection, mortgage advice, school fees planning, offshore investments, savings, unit and investment trusts, OEICs, and tax efficient investments.

The Arbuthnot Latham Online Banking also provides lending products for the acquisition and development of residential and commercial properties; finance for leasing, own, and manage the business and personal assets; and musical instrument and yacht finance.

Deals and Acquisitions

  • 2016 – Arbuthnot Latham acquired Duncan Lawrie’s private banking loan portfolio.
  • 2016 – Arbuthnot Latham has acquired Renaissance Asset Finance (RAF).
  • 2016 – Arbuthnot Latham acquired £50 million Mayfair office as a client base.

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