Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Review | Bbva Online Banking & Bbva Compass Login At Bbva.Com

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Review | Bbva Online Banking & Bbva Compass Login At Bbva.Com

BBVA or Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria is a  multinational Spanish Banking Group.  It is the second largest bank in Spain and 7th largest financial institution in the Western world.

As of May 2016,  BBVA has a market capitalization of $46.9 Billion and assets worth $814.81 Billion.Bbva Online Banking

The group employs about 111,000 people in over 30 countries around the world. BBVA was formed in 1999 from the merger of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya and Argentaria. The group is headquartered in Bilbao, Spain.

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  • History
  • Products and Services
  • Credit Cards
  • BBVA Compass Online Bill Pay Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Principal Subsidiaries
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History of  BBVA

The history of  BBVA can be traced to 1857  when the Spanish Board of Trade sponsored the creation of Banco de Bilbao as a currency-issuing and discount bank. Banco de Bilbao later merged with Banco de Vizcaya (which was founded in 1901) to form BBV in 1988.

In 1999 BBV and Argentaria ( a result of a 1998 merger between Corporación Bancaria de España, BEX, BHE and Caja Postal) merged to create BBVA.

Products and Services of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria offers retail, wholesale, and investment banking services. The Bank also offers consumer and mortgage loans, private banking, asset management, insurance, mutual funds, and securities brokerage services.

BBVA Credit Cards | Bbva Online Banking

BBVA offers its customers credit cards with no annual fee. The BBVA Después Card or Después Blue Card is offered to customers whose salaries are paid directly into their BBVA account.

This gives you more convenience when taking care of your daily banking needs as the bank takes care of any related procedures. If you prefer a revolving card BBVA will give you the BBVA A Tu Ritmo Card with no annual fee, and with no need to have your salary directly paid into your account.

 BBVA Compass Online Bill Pay Services

BBVA Compass Online Bill Pay is an extended service for BBVA Compass online banking customers and is free for most BBVA account users.

With BBVA Compass, you can pay your bills online from the comfort of your home. You can transfer funds between BBVA accounts, view all your account balances and transactions (including CDs and IRAs), and see which checks have cleared your account.

This online bill payment service provides you with the opportunity to view all of your statements online without having to deal with the mess of paperwork.

You can get the option to receive your bills online with BBVA Compass’s e-bills option, which enables you to pay your bill immediately once you receive the bill.

Merger and Acquisitions BBVA Bank

  • 2000 – BBVA acquired 59.4% of Bancomer S.A. to form BBVA-Bancomer
  • 2004 – BBVA bought the 40.6% of Mexico’s Bancomer that it did not yet make Bancomer a wholly-owned subsidiary of BBVA
  • 2004 – BBVA acquired Texas-based Laredo National Bancshares.
  • 2004, BBVA bought Mexico’s mortgage lender Hipotecaria Nacional.
  • 2006 – BBVA bought Texas Regional Bank shares and State National Bancshares
  • 2007 – BBVA acquired Birmingham, Alabama-based Compass Bancshares Inc. for USD $9.6-billion (Eur 7.33-billion). Compass Bank operated more than 400 branches in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. In 2008, BBVA announced that its 650 branches in the U.S. would all be re-branded BBVA Compass.
  • 2009 – BBVA Compass bought the bankrupt Guaranty Bank of Austin, Texas, from the FDIC.

BBVA Principal Subsidiaries

  • BBVA Francés
  • BBVA Prevision AFP
  • BBVA (Chile)
  • BBVA (Colombia)
  • BBVA Bancomer
  • BBVA (Paraguay)
  • BBVA Continental
  • Garanti Bank
  • BBVA Compass
  • BBVA (Uruguay)
  • BBVA Provincial
  • Simple Finance Technology Corporation

Bank’s Website of BBVA | Bbva Online Banking