Bank Australia | Bank Of Australia Review at

Bank Australia | Bank Of Australia Review at

Bank Australia is a consumer’s cooperative bank founded in the year 2003. It has its head office located at Kew, Victoria, Australia. The bank has Mr. Damien Walsh as its Managing Director.Bank Australia

Mecu Ltd became Australia’s first customer owned bank and changed its trading name to bankmecu in 2011. Bankmecu, as it was formerly called, reportedly had about 125,000 customers across Australia as at 2012. Bankmecu announced their subsequent change of name on the 25th July 2015, meant to be effective starting from the 17th day of August 2015.

Bank Australia has about 348 employees across Australia; in addition, it has excess assets of a$2.8 billion.

Barely a year after its formation, Mecu Ltd became the first credit union in the world to become a signatory to the United Nations Environmental Programme Statement by Financial Institutions on the Environment & Sustainable Development.

In 2010, the company implemented staff sustainability awards to recognize staff that has made a significant contribution to sustainability in the workplace.

History of Bank Australia

A great number of Australian credit unions have joined Bankmecu, now known as bank Australia.

These are the list of the credit unions that have joined bank Australia:

  • ABG Credit Co-operative Limited
  • Burwood Community Credit Union
  • Choice Credit Union Limited
  • The College Credit Union
  • Dependable Credit Union
  • Doncaster and the Templestowe Credit Union
  • The Education Credit Union
  • Holy Redeemer Credit Co-operative
  • The IPC Credit Union
  • Kingmoor Co-operative Credit Society Limited
  • Kraft Employees’ Credit Co-operative Limited
  • Laboratories Co-operative Limited
  • Macaulay Community Credit Co-operative
  • Media Credit Union
  • Members Australia Credit Union
  • Moe Credit Co-operative
  • Outlook Credit Union
  • Professionals First Credit Union (APESMA)
  • Provident Credit Co-operative Limited
  • SEC Credit Union (Enterprise Credit Union)
  • Sirocredit (CSIRO Co-operative Credit Society)
  • St Bridgets Co-operative Society
  • St. Agnes of Highett Co-operative Credit Society Limited
  • The Tertiary Credit Union
  • The Uni Credit Union
  • The RegionalOne Credit Union
  • The Maroondah Credit Union
  • Kennington Parish Co-op (Golden City Credit Co-op)
  • Sacred Heart Bendigo Co-op (Sandhurst Credit Union)
  • St Kilian’s Co-op
  • St Mary’s Kyneton Co-op (Kyneton Co-op)
  • Echuca Parish Co-op
  • St Mary’s Castlemaine& District Co-op (Castlemaine& District Co-op)
  • Maryborough Parish Co-op
  • St Columbas Co-op Credit Society
  • St Patrick’s Co-op Credit Society
  • St Mary’s Golden Square Co-op
  • Redan – Sebastapol Co-op Credit Society
  • St Joseph’s Quarry Hill Co-op
  • Daylesford Christian Family Co-op
  • Mildura Parish Co-op
  • White Hills Parish Co-op
  • Mildura Parish Co-op (Mildura Credit) (Sunraysia Credit Union)
  • Stawell Credit Co-op
  • Colac& District Credit Co-op
  • Ballarat Base & Associated Hospitals Credit Co-op
  • M B John Employees Co-op
  • Bendigo Home and Hospital Credit Co-op
  • Bendigo Credit Co-op
  • Ararat Credit Co-op
  • St Alipus Co-op
  • Ballarat East Credit Union Co-op
  • Echuca Parish Co-op (Echuca CU)
  • Bendigo and District Credit Union (North West Country Credit)
  • Ballarat Co-op Credit Union (GoldCredit)
  • The Waverley Credit Union
  • Fitzroy and Carlton Community Credit Co-op


Bank Australia is into retail banking, services offered includes savings and checking accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit and credit cards, certificates of deposits.