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Bank Of Commerce Online Banking | Login Bank Of Commerce:-

This is a commercial bank with its headquarters located at San Miguel Properties Center, No. 7 Saint Francis Avenue, Mandaluyong in the Philippines.Bank Of Commerce

The bank was originated from Overseas Bank of Manila founded in December 1963. The bank of commerce got its name on November 28, 1991, after a group of Filipino investors who were the leaders in fields of communications, the stock market and brokerage, pre-need services and banking and finance reinforced the ownership base of the Bank.

The bank provides services such as savings and current accounts, time deposits, home loans, auto loans, small business loans, treasury bills, fixed-rate treasury notes, retail treasury bonds, ROP bonds, corporate notes, living trust account, unit investment trust fund, retirement fund, investment management, escrow among others.

Login Bank Of Commerce online banking services as customers. It will enable you to apply for home loans, automobile loans, equity loans, and credit cards. It has a wealth management scheme which helps in retirement planning, financial planning, trust management and investment. The bank’s official website is

How To Log Into Bank Of Commerce Online | Login Bank Of Commerce

Step 1: visit the bank’s official web page and click on the ‘commerce personal’ pink at the top left side of the page

Step 2: Enter your login ID and password.

Step 3: click on ‘log in to your account’ to complete the process. If the login particulars provided are correct you will then be led to your online account dashboard.

Forgot Password?

Step 1: to recover or reset a forgotten password, the user should go to the bank’s official web page and click on the ‘commerce personal’ link at the top left side of the page.

Step 2: Click on the ‘forgot password’ link below the login box.

Step 3: Fill in the following information-User ID, Email address, and Mobile number.

Step 4: Click on the submit button to generate a new password.

Forgot Username?

Step 1: If the user forgot their username they should follow step 1 above and then click on the ‘forgot username’ link below the login box.

Step 2: fill in the following information-Email address, Mobile/telephone number, and Account number.

Step 3: click on continue to proceed with the process.

If the user faces any problems when recovering either their password or username, they should contact the bank’s customer care service or visit the nearest branch.

How To Enroll Bank Of Commerce Online Banking

Step 1: Visit the official website of the bank and click on the ‘To Enroll in B-Commerce-Personal Click Here’ link at the top left of the screen.

Step 2: Read and agree to the bank’s terms and conditions. Click on ‘submit’ to continue

Step 3: Provide the following details for verification-user id, password, name, date of birth, mobile number, email address, account number, account type/name/description, and randomly generated code.

Step 4: Click on Submit to proceed to the enrollment process.