Bank Of Franklin Online Banking Login Online 

Bank Of Franklin Online Banking Login Online

Bank Of Franklin is a community bank established to serve the financial needs of the personal and biz in the Mississippi Territory. It was founded in the year 1809 and it’s located at 9 Main Street E, Meadville, Mississippi.Bank Of Franklin

The bank offers its customers online banking services which allow the user to conduct banking services from the comfort of their home using any device that is connected to the internet be it a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer.

It enables the user to monitor their account activities and has quicker access to banking activities to better manage their account. A logged in user can pay bills, deposit checks, transfer funds from one bank to the other, check account balance anytime and anywhere, thus it makes banking more suitable and efficient.

The bank’s official website is and their routing number is 065304327.

How To Log Into Bank Of Franklin

A user who wishes to log in should follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the bank’s official webpage and click on the ‘internet banking login’ button located at the top right of the screen.

The Step 2: The internet banking login widget will appear where the user will enter their username and then click on the ‘login’ button.

Step 3: In the next page, enter your login password and if the login details entered are correct you will be navigated to your online account dashboard.

Forgot Password?

In the case that a user forgets their login password and are unable to access their online account, they should contact the bank at the customer help desk via telephone or visit the nearest bank branch for guidance through the steps.

How To Enroll Bank Of Franklin

A new customer of the bank who wishes to enjoy the bank’s online banking services must first be registered and this can be done by following the procedure below:

Step 1: Go to the official webpage of the bank, click on the ‘internet banking login’ button at the top right of the screen and a login widget will appear on the screen.

At the bottom of it, the user will find a link reading as “Enroll”. Click on the link to go ahead with the enrollment process.

Step 2: Enter the required personal details in the signup form and then click on the ‘proceed’ button to complete the process.

On the next page, verify all the data you entered and then click on the ‘proceed’ button. You will then be led to the online banking console from where you can enjoy the digital banking services.