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Credit Card Details

This topic will as well talk about the most important goal which is building credit history and avoiding debt. These two goals should form the part of your thinking when you choose to get a credit card. In your use of credit cards, do your best to push up credit, take your credit score high, and make sure you opt for the best credit card. This is one of the ways you can avoid debt.

How To Build Credit

The best way to build credit is by getting credit. You can handle build your credit by handling credit responsibly.

Always go for a secured credit card

Any credit card that is not secured will land you in more debt and damage your credit score. Always go for a credit card issuer with a friendlier credit card risk.

Get A Retail Store Credit Cards

When looking for a credit card issuer with a less strict credit rule, Retail store credit card Issuer should come to mind. It is easier to get approval from retail store credit card house than any other vendor.

You can choose to being an authorized user if you could get someone that will hand you that.

It is also great to get a cosigner for a credit card or loan when applying for your next credit card.

Another great way you manage your credit card is to ensure fast payment of your credit. When you make your payment on time, it helps in increasing your credit score. But for those that chose to default, their names will be handled to collection Agency. This will negatively affect your credit score.

Ensure to start with a single credit card when you are applying. Too many credit cards may affect your ability to manage your credit score.

To avoid debt, reduce how much you borrow.

Keep Your Account Open

This will help you build the age of your credit. Use these resources to learn key credit card terms, different card types, and how to pick the best card for you.

Interest Rate and Fee.

All credit cards come with their various interest rate and fee structure. So, ensure you know the basics of how credit card interest rates work and what fee you are expected to pay at the stipulated time.

Finance Charge

Any time you fail to pay back your credit in full, it attracts a level of finance charge.  Ensure you know these finance Changes and how you go about them. Remember that they go up and down depending on your balance and your interest rate.

Billing and Payment

Before you go for any of these credit cards, do ensure to know more about their billing and payment system. If you don’t understand how the payment and billing of your credit card are done, it might lead you to debt.

Getting Approved For A Credit Card

You can’t just get a credit card without knowing the process of getting Approved. Every credit card application comes with its various criteria for getting users approved. Ensure you know what to do to avoid unfortunate denial from that issuer.

What To Do When Applying For Your First Credit Card

To get approved for any credit card you must be 18 years or above.

Remember your credit card comes via Mail. Your mailing address must be correct.

Also, know that each credit card comes with a certain credit limit. Unless you are opt-in to having over-the-limit charges processed, your credit card will be declined for any purchase that would put you over your credit limit.1

 Using too much of your credit limit also has a negative effect on your credit score2

If for any reason your payment should come a day after your due date, then you might get a message from the issue notifying you that your late fee which could get up to  $38³.

Basics of credit card

In this category, we will take out our time to help you;

  • Learn What Is Credit?
  • Types of Credit Cards
  • Understanding Rewards Cards
  • Benefits of Credit Cards
  • History of Credit Cards
  • Should You Get a Credit Card?
  • Statement Balance vs. Current Balance
  • Credit Card vs. Debit Card
  • Revolving vs. Non-Revolving Credit
  • Secured Card vs. Unsecured Card
  • What Does APR Mean?
  • Calculating Interest Rate
  • Lowering Your Interest Rate
  • What’s a Credit Card Grace Period?
  • Making Minimum Payments
  • Common Credit Card Fees
  • The Annual Fee Explained

In The Area of Getting Your Card, you will be able

  • Choose the Right Credit Card
  • Getting a Cosigner
  • Your Line of Credit
  • Get Your First Credit Card
  • Closing a Credit Card.