Deutschebank: Deutsche Bank Online Banking – Deutsche Bank Aktie At Www.Db.Com

Deutschebank: Deutsche Bank Online Banking – Deutsche Bank Aktie At Www.Db.Com

Deutsche Bank AG is a German international financial services company. It has its headquarters at the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers in Frankfurt, Germany and was founded in the year 1870 in Berlin.deutsche bank

It is ranked number 11 on the list of top 100 banks in the world and it employs over 100,000 employees in over 70 countries worldwide. As at 2015, Deutschebank had total assets of 1.629 trillion euros.

The company offers both banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions, and corporations. Deutschebank’s main business is investment banking from which they earn about 50% profit.

In 2009, Deutschebank had a 21% market share in the foreign exchange market making them the largest foreign exchange dealer in the world for that year.

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HISTORY Of Deutschebank

Deutsche bank was founded in berlin in 1870, with its statute being adopted on 22 January 1870 and its banking license granted by the Prussian government on 10 March 1870.

The bank managed to survive and even thrive during the World War II, expanding its operations not only in Germany but in other countries of the world. The 2000’s saw further expansion for the bank with a substantial increase in its performance including its total assets, return on equity, profit, and the number of employees.


Deutschebank has separate divisions which it operates and they are:

  • Corporate and investment banking; comprises Corporate Banking & Securities and Global Transaction Banking.
  • Corporate banking and securities; comprises markets and corporate finance
  • Markets; which provides research and analysis of financial products, markets and strategy
  • Corporate finance; responsible for mergers and acquisitions and issuance of debt and equity
  • Asset and wealth management;
  • Private and business clients; this involves retail banking
  • Global transaction banking; it provides commercial banking products for corporate and financial institutions
  • Communication
  • Private wealth management; this represents Deutschebank’s private banking arm
  • Private clients and assets management

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF Deutsche Bank Online Banking and Offline

Deutsche bank provides various products and services including credit cards, transaction banking, asset management, fund management, securities.

The other are; retail banking, savings, wealth management, private equity, private banking, corporate finance, risk management products such as derivatives, mergers, and acquisitions, mortgage loans.

The rest are investment banking, finance and insurance, consumer banking, corporate banking, the origination of debt and equity, sales, trading, and research.


Over the years Deutschebank has won several awards especially from 2002 to present. It was named The Bank of the Year by International Financing Review in 2003, 2005, and 2010.

Deutsche bank was also named Best Global Investment Bank In 2012 In the Annual Euromoney Awards for Excellence.

Also in 2012, it was named Equity House of the Year and Bond House of the Year by the International Financing Review (IFR). It also won seven other IFR awards which are:

  • SSAR Bond House
  • Sterling Bond House
  • Commodity Derivatives House
  • EMEA Loan House
  • The EMEA Structured Equity House
  • EMEA Liability Management House
  • The EMEA High-Yield Bond House

In 2016, DeutscheBank was assigned a rating by Standard Ethics Aei in its Standard Ethics German Index.

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