Groupe Bpce France | Groupe Bpce Bank Account online at

Groupe Bpce France | Groupe Bpce Bank Account online at

Groupe BPCE is the 2nd largest banking group in France. The group was formed as a result of a merger between Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’épargne and Banque fédérale des Banques Populaires in 2009.  It is ranked 22nd in the Top 1000 World Banks by Tier 1 2016 ranking. The group has put down deep roots in its local markets.

Groupe Bpce Bank

Its 108,000 employees serve a total of 35 million customers, 8.9 of whom have decided to become cooperative shareholders.

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The Group’s different subsidiaries pursue their activities in banking and insurance, tailoring their services as closely as possible to the needs of the individuals and regions they serve. The group is headquartered in Paris.

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History Of Groupe Bpce Bank

Groupe BPCE was formed in 2009 as a result of a merger between Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’épargne and Banque fédérale des Banques Populaires. Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’épargne was founded in Paris in 1818 to promote, collect and manage popular savings.

Groupe Banque Populaire, on the other hand, was first formed in 1878 by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs with a view to pooling funds to allow entrepreneurs to finance their projects themselves. Their cooperative status was established in 1917.

At the service of craftsmen, tradespeople, and SMEs, the Banques Populaires rapidly became major players in their regional economies and opened out their services to individual customers in 1962. In 1998, the acquisition of Natexis provided Group Banque Populaire with a publicly listed vehicle.

In 2006 Groupe Caisse d’épargne merged its investment bank IXIS Corporate and Investment Bank with Groupe Banque Populaire’s Natexis, creating Natixis, a publicly traded investment bank in which Caisse d’épargne and Groupe Banque Populaire currently hold an equal stake of 35.25%.

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Products and Services of Groupe Bpce Bank

Groupe BPCE offers its customers a comprehensive range of products and services: savings and investment solutions, cash management services, financing solutions, insurance, and wholesale banking services. It provides various deposit and loan products to small and medium enterprises, craftspeople, franchisees, and franchisers; savings collection and management, credit, payment, and wealth management services; and real estate financing and corporate banking services. The company also offers bancassurance products, including life assurance and pensions that comprise automobile and home insurance.

Others are legal protection, the guarantee of life accidents, the supplementary health care insurance, welfare professionals and the collective retirement pensions and health, as well as credit insurance and guarantees to individuals, professionals, real estate professionals, and businesses.

S-Money Service of Groupe Bpce Bank Account online

Everyone with a bank card and a Twitter account in France will soon be able to send money to other users easily, rapidly, securely and free of charge with a simple Tweet.

This innovative service has been developed by S-money, the electronic money subsidiary of Groupe BPCE that provides an electronic wallet solution on mobile phones. It offers Twitter users in France a new way to send each other money, irrespective of their bank and without having to enter the beneficiary’s bank details, with a simple Tweet.

To use the service, consumers need to download the S-Money app, open an S-Money account by linking their bank card details and then connect the app to their Twitter account.

From there, they can send tweets to other S-Money users indicating the amount of money they wish to transfer. Once they send this tweet, they will receive an S-Money push on their mobile phone that will launch the S-Money application.

And then they will be able to finish the payment within the S-Money application by typing their S-Money secret code. The financial transaction itself is always and only performed within the S-Money platform.

Deals and Acquisitions

  • 2015 – Groupe BPCE sold 10.7% of its stake in Nexity’s share capital to Crédit Agricole Assurances (via its subsidiary Predica), Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and to an investment vehicle controlled by Nexity’s executives
  • 2016 – Groupe BPCE acquired German digital challenger bank Fidor
  • 2016 – French investment bank Natixis, a subsidiary to Groupe BPCE acquired a majority stake in Peter J Solomon advisory boutique

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