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ING inloggen | ING Home bank | ING online | ING diba | ING bank online|

ING Group is a Dutch insurance, banking, and financial services corporation which operates on a multinational scale. ING stands for InternationaleNederlandenGroep which when translated to English is the International Netherlands Group.ING Home bank

The primary businesses which it operates are insurance services, retail banking, asset management, direct banking, investment management, and commercial banking. ING group employs about 85,000 people, has total assets worth 914.41billion pounds and is ranked 55 on the Forbes global 2000 list.

ING was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. ING Group has been known to sponsor some sporting organizations, art exhibitions and sometimes schools.

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History ING Home bank

ING group was formed in 1991 as a result of a merger between Nationale-Nederlanden, an insurance business, and NMB Postbank Groep, a banking business. This was done after changes were made in the regulation which allowed banking and insurance businesses to work together. Since the inception of the merger, ING Home bank has made acquisitions of companies worldwide in order to aid expansion of the business.

Divisions of ING diba

Below are the different business divisions in ING Diba and the products and services which they offer:

ING Direct: ING Homebanking is a company’s branchless direct bank which operates in certain countries in Europe. ING Direct concentrates on simple interest-bearing savings account for retail customers and offers services via email, web, phone, ATM and over the counter.

Retail Banking: retail banking is the division that offers retail banking services to countries in parts of Europe and Asia separate from the ING Direct businesses.

Insurance: ING insurance this division provides composite (life and non-life) insurance services to customers.

Corporate Finance: this division is responsible for advising corporate organizations on corporate transactions like management buy-outs, share buybacks, mergers, and acquisitions, initial public offerings and secondary offerings.

ING Investment Management: this is the principal asset manager of the group and it specializes in providing investment solutions to clients. It also manages assets for institutional clients.

Wholesale Banking: ING also offers financial and banking services to corporations and other institutions although it takes a more selective approach to clients and products.

Online And Mobile Services ING inloggen | ING Home bank | ING online

ING provides an online banking service known as Home Bank which enables a customer to access banking services when logged on. It also enables access to information like the location of the nearest bank, information on promotions and many others

The mobile banking ING services enable a customer to access banking services on their mobile phone at their own convenience anytime, anywhere.

The key features include a security guarantee which guarantees the privacy and security of the customer using the mobile services. It also involves balance quick view which allows the customer to check the balances of their bank accounts without logging in. It can be used to make transfers which enable a customer to pay anyone or make transfers from one account to another.

The card management feature allows customers to activate their cards and also place them off or on hold for a specified period of time.

WEBSITE | ING diba website provides information on ING about the company, its products and services, available job opportunities, investments and many more.