JPMorgan chase bank – JPMorgan chase login | JPMorgan Review at

JPMorgan chase bank – JPMorgan chase login | JPMorgan Review at

JPMorgan Chase is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. It was formed through the December 2000 merger of J.P. Morgan & Co. and The Chase Manhattan Corporation.  JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a financial holding company that provides financial and investment banking services. It operates in four segments, as well as a corporate segment. Its segments are Consumer and Community Banking, Corporate and Investment Bank, Commercial Banking and Asset Management.JPMorgan chase

The Consumer and Community Banking segment serves consumers and businesses through personal service at bank branches and through automatic teller machines, online, mobile and telephone banking.

The Corporate and Investment Bank segment, comprising Banking and Markets and  Investor Services, offers investment banking, market-making, prime brokerage, and treasury and securities products and services to corporations, investors, financial institutions, and government and municipal entities.

The Commercial Banking segment provides financial solutions, including lending, treasury services, investment banking and asset management. The Asset Management segment comprises investment and wealth management and all are available on JPMorgan chase login at You can access the JPMorgan chase bank phone number and JPMorgan chase routing number from JPMorgan chase online.

JPMorgan chase bank Locations

JPMorgan chase bank address are displayed below. The corporate headquarters is in New York City while the retail and commercial bank is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

JP Morgan Chase has international banking locations in 100 countries, including, in Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico and, in the Asia Pacific region, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, China and Japan. France, Italy, Ireland and Greece are among its European locations. JPMorgan chase bank Locations Can be gotten at which is the official webpage of JPMorgan.



1. History


2. Mergers and Acquisitions since 2000


3. Business


i. Investment Banking

ii. Retail Financial Services

iii. Card Services

iv.  Commercial Banking

v. Treasury & Securities Services

vi. Asset Management


4. References


History Of  JPMorgan –  JPMorgan chase login

JPMorgan Chase & Co. was built on the foundation of more than 1,000 predecessor institutions that have come together over the years to form today’s company. Its Predecessors include Bank of Manhattan Co., Chase National Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, Texas Commerce Bank.

The history of the JPMorgan Chase can be traced back to 1799 when the Bank of the Manhattan Co., the firm’s earliest predecessor institution, was chartered. In 1799, , Aaron Burr, a U.S. Senator and future vice president of the United States, founded The Bank of The Manhattan Co. to rival The Bank of New York which was then the  first and only commercial bank in New York City.  The Bank of Manhattan Co. merged with Chase National Bank in 1955 to form the Chase Manhattan Bank. Chase National Bank was formed in 1877 by John Thompson.

In July 1996, Chemical Bank of New York purchased Chase Manhattan Bank. Chemical’s previous acquisitions included Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, in 1991, and Texas Commerce Bank, in 1987.  The merged company retained the name Chase Manhattan Bank.

In December 2000, the combined Chase Manhattan completed the acquisition of J.P. Morgan & Co. in one of the largest banking mergers to date. The combined company was renamed JPMorgan Chase.


Merger and Acquisition since 2000 – JPMorgan Review at

  • In 2000, J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated merged with The Chase Manhattan Corp., effectively combining four of the largest and oldest money center banking institutions in New York City (J.P. Morgan, Chase, Chemical and Manufacturers Hanover) into one firm under the name of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
  • In 2004, Bank One Corp. merged with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. The New York Times said the merger “would realign the competitive landscape for banks” by uniting the investment and commercial banking skills of J.P. Morgan Chase with the consumer banking strengths of Bank One.
  • In 2008, JPMorgan Chase & Co. acquired The Bear Stearns Companies Inc., strengthening its capabilities across a broad range of businesses, including prime brokerage, cash clearing and energy trading globally.
  • Also in 2008, JPMorgan Chase & Co. acquired the deposits, assets and certain liabilities of Washington Mutual’s banking operations. This acquisition expanded Chase’s consumer branch network into California, Florida and Washington State and created the nation’s second-largest branch network — with locations reaching 42% of the U.S. population.
  • In 2010, J.P. Morgan acquired full ownership of its U.K. joint venture, J.P. Morgan Cazenove, one of Britain’s premier investment banks.

Business – JPMorgan chase online

Its six major businesses are:

  1. Investment Banking
  2. Retail Financial Services

iii. Card Services

  1. Commercial Banking
  2. Treasury & Securities Services
  3. Asset Management

JPMorgan and chase Investment Banking

JPMorgan Corporate & Investment Bank is one of the world’s leading investment banks, with deep client relationships and broad product capabilities. The firm specializes in large and complex financial transactions such as underwriting, acting as an intermediary between a securities issuer and the investing public, facilitating mergers and other corporate reorganizations, and acting as a broker and/or financial adviser for institutional clients.

In the first half of this year, JPMorgan retained its place at the top of the global investment bank rankings despite a fall in revenues.

The firm’s revenue from trading, mergers and acquisitions and other investment banking activity was $12.5 billion in the last six months to June, which is down 5.3 percent from the same period a year ago, according to data compiled by industry analytics firm Coalition.

The Investment Bank’s clients are corporations, financial institutions, governments and institutional investors

JPMorgan Retail Financial Services

JPMorgan and Chase Retail Financial Services include Consumer Banking, Small Business Banking, Auto and Education Finance, Insurance, and Home Finance. Retail Financial Services helps meet the financial needs of consumers and businesses. Consumers expect a range of basic services from retail banks, such as checking accounts, savings accounts, personal loans, lines of credit, mortgages, debit cards, credit cards, and CDs. Under the Chase brand, the consumer business includes credit card, small business, home finance, auto finance, home equity loans, education finance and insurance.

JPMorgan and chase Card Services

Chase Card Services is one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States. The firm offers a wide variety of general purpose cards to satisfy the needs of individual consumers, small businesses and partner organizations. Chase Card Services has over 155 million cards in circulation and $157 billion in managed loans.

The Firm is the second largest issuer of credit cards in the United States and the largest merchant acquirer. It offers a variety of cards to satisfy the individual needs of customers, including outstanding proprietary cards like Chase Freedom, cards reflecting partnerships with major airlines, hotels, universities, top retailers, other financial institutions and a host of well-known brands.

JPMorgan and chase Commercial Banking

A commercial bank is a financial institution that provides various financial service, such as accepting deposits and issuing loans. Chase Commercial Banking includes three client segments: Middle Market, which serves companies with revenues between $10 million and $500 million; Mid-Corporate, which focuses on clients with more significant Investment Banking needs; and Real Estate.

Commercial Banking serves a variety of clients, including corporations, municipalities, financial institutions and not-for-profit entities. The firm’s broad platform positions Commercial Banking to deliver extensive product capabilities – including lending, treasury services, investment banking and asset management – to meet its clients’ needs.

Treasury & Securities Services

The firm generates more than $6 billion in annual revenue from providing Treasury and Securities services for corporate CFOs, treasurers, financial institutions, issuers and institutional investors.

Treasury & Securities Services is a global leader in providing transaction, investment, and information services to support the needs of institutional clients worldwide. The Firm offers opportunities in product management, sales, operations, client service, mergers & acquisitions, legal, strategy, finance, marketing, human resources, and risk.

JPMorgan and chase Asset Management

With assets under supervision of $1.6 trillion and assets under management of $1.2 trillion, the firm is one of the largest asset and wealth managers in the world.

JPMorgan is a global leader in asset management services. The firm Asset Management clients include institutions, retail investors and high-networth individuals in every major market throughout the world.

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