Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card Review: Is It Worth Applying For?

Are you an avid Lowe’s shopper?, then the Lowe’s Advantage credit card can be a great option for you.

This is because the card offers high savings and financing features to cardholders. However, the Lowe’s Advantage credit card can only be applied for purchases at Lowe’s.lowe’s advantage credit card

What this means is that, if you are not an avid Lowe’s shopper, you would be better off with a different card.

However, if you don’t mind carrying multiple cards, you can still make do with this card to enjoy the great benefits it offers and make it your good backup card.

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card Review: Great Option for Home Renovators and DIYers

If you are considering making several expensive home repairs, and you are thinking of frequently shopping at Lowe’s, you can take advantage of the Lowe’s Advantage credit card discount of 5% off your eligible purchase or order charged to your Lowe’s Advantage Card. You will also enjoy the no annual fee charged, that comes with the card.

So, we can say that the Lowe’s Advantage credit card, is good for costly home Renovators. Also, it is a great card option for someone who is searching for a credit card with no annual fee.


The main drawback of Lowe’s Advantage credit card is that cardholders are unable to combine its benefits. Cardholders will have to decide between applying the 5% discount or one of the card’s financings features.

Thus, anyone who is thinking of applying for the card will have to consider how it compares to other cards that either offers cash back rewards or have the same financing features.

Contractors or small business owners on the other hand, who are looking for a credit card, should note that Lowe’s, offers a suite of three business credit cards that they can choose from. The card comes with varied benefits, even though they’re all in some way better than the consumer version of the card for contractors and small business owners.

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card Benefits and Features

When it comes to benefits, the Lowe’s Advantage credit card offers some great benefits. Cardholders are instantly eligible for 5% off their eligible purchase or order charged to their card.

However, the discount excludes a few products and services, like extended protection plans and delivery charges. Also, the discount cannot be stacked. This means cardholders with coupons have to decide whether to use the 5% discount or the coupon’s discount.

Cardholders are given the option of forgoing the 5% discount, in order to get 0% interest for six months on purchases of $299 or more.

If purchases are not paid off in the six-month time frame, the cardholder will be expected to pay interest from the purchase date (the regular purchase APR is 26.99%). Thus, bear in mind that you’ll still have to make minimum payments.

When a cardholder, makes a purchase of at least $2,000, he/she can request to use the Lowe’s Advantage credit card’s project financing feature. The feature grants approved cardholders a reduced annual percentage rate (APR) for a number of months. Thus the specific APR you’ll get will largely depend on the number of fixed monthly payments you decide to make.

How Does the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card Compare to Other Cards and Products?

Even though the Lowe’s Advantage credit card comes with great benefits that those who intend to make large purchases can enjoy, prospective cardholders can still consider how this card compares to other cards.

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card vs Chase Freedom Unlimited®

Cardholders who want the Lowe’s Advantage credit card because of its financing features should also consider the Chase Freedom Unlimited®.

With the Chase Freedom Unlimited® comes a 0% Intro APR for 15 months from account opening on purchases (then a 14.99% – 23.74% Variable APR) and N/A on balance transfers (then a 14.99 – 23.74% Variable APR).

Thus, cardholders who want to make large one-time purchases should go for the Chase Freedom Unlimited®. This is because of its low intro APR, however, those who will make large ongoing purchases should consider applying for the Lowe’s Advantage credit card.

Consider this if…….

  • Your purchase needs are just for a time frame of a few months.
  • You desire to earn cashback and a low intro APR.

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card vs The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

Do you want discounts on hardware purchases? Then you should opt for the Lowe’s Advantage credit card over The Home Depot Consumer credit card.

The reason is, The Home Depot Consumer credit card lacks one vital benefit which is a discount feature. So while the Home Depot Consumer credit card enables cardholders to save up to $100 on qualifying purchases, for new cardholders.

Get $25 off on purchases of $25-$299, $50 off purchases of $300-$999, or $100 off purchases of $1,000 or more. This offer is valid 7/30/20- 1/27/21.

Otherwise, The Home Depot Consumer credit card offers the same features as the Lowe’s Advantage credit card. For example, both cards offer interest-free financing for six months on purchases of at least $299, and both are without annual fee charges.


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