Microsoft Office 365 Login – MICROSOFT 365 OFFICE EMAIL LOGIN

Are you new to office 365 or need information about the Microsoft Office 365 Login portals?

This article will help you as a fresher and also give more information for old users.Microsoft Office 365 Login

Using the office 365login portal will grant users access to any of the SharePoint sites that their organization is using either for professionals or business purposes. It can serve both you and your business.

Using your password and username, you can start enjoying this offer. Offers like accessing your outlook inbox, calendars, task and so much more. Woah! this is great to know.

Microsoft Office 365 Login

There are lots of benefits to using the office 365 account. To start using these great features you are to sign in for the Office 365 log in account and start using your favorite productivity app like excel Outlook, PowerPoint, and others. It also gives you access to one drive for your personal storage.

If you are new and don’t have an account you can get a new account by signing in.

You can sign in by visiting the office 365 websites mentioned below;

  •  At
  • Fill in your detail; summit your Email where a verification code will be sent to you.
  • You can then follow the necessary steps in creating an account.

Steps to log into your email office 365 account

  • Using your browser visit
  • Or visit, click on the sign-in button on your screen.
  • Enter the username you use in creating your account and then your password.
  • Click on the “sign-in” button to complete your registration process.

You will be direct to your account thereafter; you can now start using the office 365 login portal and enjoy the benefit that comes with.

Office 365 login for student

Office 365 also has features available for students. If you are a student you can gain access online to your student email login account

Here are the steps required in logging in for students;


  • Firstly, Office 365 is one of the best platforms for a safe business email.
  • Unlike other webmail providers, office 365 offers great value for your business.
  • Lastly, You can achieve your given needs using outlook, yammer, SharePoint, Microsoft teams. Etc.

Business price

Prices are affordable and it ranges from $8 to 12.5$ and also $20per month.

The steps to log in for office 365 for your business are as follows;


  • Firstly, Signing in to your account can grant you access that the office has for you. You will have access to the outlook inbox, task, contacts, etc.
  • You will have access to your one drive for an unlimited data storage
  • Lastly, You will be able to download and install some apps like Word, PowerPoint, excel for those that their plan includes an Office desktop app.

Individuals, students, business owners, and companies can take advantage of these great Microsoft features (office 365).

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