Royal Bank Of Canada: Rbc Online Banking | Rbc Sign In At

Royal Bank Of Canada: Rbc Online Banking | Rbc Sign In At

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a Canadian global financial services company. Royal Bank of Canada is Canada’s largest bank, and one of the largest banks in the world, based on market cap.RBC Online boasts of a market cap of $ 90.7 Billion and assets worth $ 852.98 Billion. The bank is ranked 52 on Forbes global 2000. Royal Bank of Canada was founded in 1864 and the head office in Toronto, Ontario.

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The Bank has 81,000 full- and part-time employees who serve more than 16 million personal, business, public sector and institutional clients through offices in Canada, the U.S. and internationally.

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History of Royal Bank Of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada began as the Merchants Bank of Halifax in 1864. The Merchants Bank of Halifax was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a commercial bank that financed the fishing and timber industries and the European and Caribbean import/export businesses. The Bank became a public company in 1869.

Rbc Online Banking and offline grew rapidly and established branches throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Vancouver, Prince Edward Island and Montréal. In 1893, the Merchants Bank of Halifax listed its stock for trading on the Montréal Exchange.

In 1901, the bank changed its name to The Royal Bank of Canada and in 1907, the bank’s head office was moved from Halifax to Montréal.

In 1976, Royal Bank of Canada moved its head office from Montréal to Toronto.

Products and Services of Rbc Online and Offline

RBC offers various products and services including banking, investing, and advice & banking tools.

Amongst the personal financial services offered by RBC are checking & savings accounts, student banking, online banking, credit cards, mortgages, loans & credit lines, and home equity loans.

For investors, the RBC also offers RRSPs, TFSAs, Mutual Funds & GICs, RESPs, and other bank service services.

The Royal Bank of Canada also provides several forms of insurance, including travel insurance, mortgage insurance, and loan insurance.

RBC Online Banking Service

Royal Bank of Canada offers online banking services with a range of beneficial features. Commercial clients can make tax payments and payroll payments online, access account information, and more.

Individual clients are also offered online and mobile banking services. Clients can manage their accounts, pay bills electronically, and receive electronic statements. Online banking also allows clients to apply for loans and review their mortgage details.

Other convenient features include the option to open additional accounts and download account information.

RBC secure Cloud

This service allows clients to more safely and securely pay for purchases using their mobile devices.

Keeping sensitive client data secure with RBC in the cloud, not on the phone, makes RBC Secure Cloud a safer, faster, more flexible solution. With RBC Secure Cloud, sensitive client data remains with the bank, as opposed to it being on the phone.

Substitute data is transmitted encrypted and decoded locally on the client’s mobile device at the point of sale, instead of the sensitive data itself.

While the solution truly protects client financial data by leaving it at its source, clients are also protected by the existing Zero Policy for Interac, Visa, and MasterCard.


1910 – Royal Bank of Canada merged with Union Bank of Halifax

1912 – Royal Bank of Canada merged with Traders Bank of Canada

1917 – Royal Bank of Canada merged with the Quebec Bank

1918 – Royal Bank of Canada merged with Northern Crown Bank

1925 – Royal Bank of Canada acquired Union Bank of Canada

2000 – Royal Bank of Canada bought Liberty Life Insurance Co. and Liberty Insurance Services Corp. from Liberty Corp.

2001 – Royal Bank of Canada acquired Centura Banks, Inc.

2001 – Royal Bank of Canada bought U.S. bank Dain Rauscher

2002 – Royal Bank of Canada bought another U.S. bank Tucker Anthony, Sutro

2007 – Royal Bank of Canada acquired Alabama National Ban

2015 – Royal Bank of Canada agreed to buy City National Corp. of Los Angeles

2016 – Aviva Canada Inc., acquired Royal Bank of Canada General Insurance Company


  • Royal Bank Mortgage
  • Royal Trust  of Canada;
  • The Royal Trust Company;
  • RBC Insurance Holdings Inc.;
  • Royal Bank Export Finance Co. Ltd.;
  • Royal Mutual Funds Inc.;
  • Royal Bank Action Direct Inc.;
  • Royal Bank Holding Inc.;
  • Royal Bank of Canada (Cayman) Limited (Cayman Islands);
  • RBC Holdings (U.S.A.) Inc.;
  • Royal Bank of Canada  (Barbados);
  • Atlantis Holdings Limited (Barbados);
  • RBC Finance B.V. (Netherlands);
  • Royal Trust Bank (Asia) Limited (Singapore).


2007 – Best Bank award in Canada by The Banker

2007 – Top most 100 powerful brands across the globe, and the most rated in Canada.

2008 – Top 100 Employers in Canada by MediaCorp Canada Inc. and Toronto Star newspaper

2014 – Bank of the Year in Canada by The Banker

2015 – Best Trade Finance Bank by Global Finance

2016 – Best Trade Finance Bank in Canada’ for fourth straight year.

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