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AMP Internet Banking | AMP Online at

AMP Limited was founded in the year 1849 as an Australian Mutual Provident Society, a non-profit life insurance company, and Mutual Society.  But became public in 1998.Amp online Banking

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AMP happens to be Australia’s largest retail and corporate superannuation provider.  It doubles as the largest life risk business in Australia.

The company provides financial planning and advice, banking, life insurance, managed funds, superannuation, property, listed assets, and infrastructure.

AMP’s Capital, is more than A$128 billion in assets under management, making it one of the largest asset managers in the Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) region.

The fact that all shareholders were duly compensated after AMP society was demutualized, AMP has a large number of shareholders, with most of the shareholders living in Australia and New Zealand.

AMP Limited first traded as ASX: AMPNZX: AMP. It is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Where Craig Dunn is the CEO.


AMP Bank has uniquely developed products to satisfy its numerous and diverse customers and clients. The products of AMP are carefully selected and blended to suit all and sundry. The products include life insurance, banking, financial planning and advice, wealth management, etc.


  • A new way of banking which covers what is known as a battery account. A batter account is three pots of money, one start account, where you can
  • Create multiple savings goals and track your progress.
  • Set aside money for future use and the two above mentioned account types attracts a charge of 1.50%pa
  • Set aside the money you can safely spend
  • Manage your money on the go with your AMP app. Which attracts a fee of 3.00pa.
  • Everyday transactions account covers AMP Access Account where

You can access your fund with fee-free banking on AMP Internet Banking.

  • AMP Cash Manager; you access your fund at any time and still earn interest. Here you have a competitive interest rate of 1.50%pa and no transaction fees.
  • Savings Account, which covers AMP Saver Account and AMP Notice Account. AMP saver accounts customers reach their goals sooner than expected with Competitive interest rates, calculated daily and paid monthly and given as 2.10%pa, a bonus interest rate of 0.45% per annum for the first four months. No Monthly Fees.

AMP Notice Account is for those who plan ahead of time and they also enjoy no Monthly fees, no minimum deposit, as well as earn competitive variable interest rates, of 2.20%pa.

  • Term Deposits Account. AMP Bank term deposit helps customers and clients Watch their savings grow at competitive term deposit rates

The minimum deposit required is $5,000

A competitive interest rate of 2.80%.

Terms read from one month to five years,


AMP Financial Services, AMP Capital Investors, AXA Asia Pacific.

AMP Financial Services provides financial planning advice, superannuation, retirement savings, and income products, investments, risk insurance, and selected banking products.

AMP primarily distributes its product and service through a network of self-employed financial planners. AMP Financial services contribute to the vast majority of group revenue and profit.

Through a team of investment professionals across the world, ATM invests in equities, fixed interest, infrastructure, property, diversified funds, and multi-manager global

AMP Capital is one of Asia Pacific’s largest investment managers.  It is the global10 global investment manager in infrastructure and top 25 in real estate.

AMP has a total workforce of 5,400 according to the 2014 December report.

Net incomeA$884 million (December 2014)
Total assets$110.4 billion (2015)


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