Blooming Brands Inc. – employees can check and monitor their payroll

The employees of blooming Brands Inc can easily access their Login procedures at This link takes you directly to your online BBI Connect account. Now, employees can check and monitor their payroll and company’s details or information regarding them

So, I will show you how you can do your login in this article.

Blooming Brands


the site is UltiPro self-service website.

With it, your online destination is a guarantee for employees of the Bloomin Brand restaurants including Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Flemings Prime Steakhouse, or Roy’s


with your BBI Connect, employees can have access to a lot of features that will help their work span or even improve their lifestyle. These features will be explained here for you. So, you will get to see why this account is great.

How to Login My BBI Connect

Every employee of Blooming Brands Inc. has unique login details that can be used to access their account. In addition, this account can be accessed at any time for 24 hours. Also, location is not a barrier. So, where ever you are, you will be able to login into your account and carry out the functions needed.

More so, make sure you have your login details handy before trying to login into your account. If you don’t have your login information then, try meeting your HR department or your Supervisor. Also, note that when you log in for the first time a default password will help direct you to the Ultipro system. Afterward, you will be able to change your password.

To begin with:

  • Firstly, log in to your browser using the above link mention at,
  • Secondly, enter your login details
  • This includes; your User Name and Password
  • Now lastly, click on login button on your screen

Notwithstanding, there are other employers that make use of Ultipro for their payroll services. That is to say, there are many Ultipro login pages available login. So, make sure you bookmark your site inside your browser so you will have access to it also.

Ultipro – BBI Connect Features

There are so many features in having the BBI Connect account. Through this portal, a bunch of employees can now say working is better and they even function smarter and easier.

Firstly, through the online portal, employees will find it easier to locate their timecards for their present work. Users can also review their past worked and other valuable information’s that can help them function better. Hence, employees will be able to monitor their time and ensure a better and proper payment. They will also be able to make any corrections if need be before they can issue paychecks.

Secondly, employees can make changes in their Ultipro account. Although, changes made will need final approval from your HR or Supervisor.  These changes may be; trying to update your address, printing W-2, and downloading forms.

Thirdly, with the Ultipro OSI employee login, you will be able to review benefit information that pertains to their 401k and health insurance. Through this, you can also add dependents to your health insurance and change your 401k contribution.

Finally, there is also a communication tool available for workers and employers to communicate.

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