Cox Webmail Login – telecommunication providers of internet in the US

Cox communication is one of the biggest telecommunication providers of internet service in the United States.

Also, this service offers Email service through Cox webmail and provides direct TV as well as cable internet.

This service can also be called Cox high-speed internet webmail. They offer high-speed internet for free email access. With this service, you can send and receive an email, pay bills online, store data, and also get the latest info about Cox services.


Cox WebmailCox webmail

is a great option for your email service, especially for those that operate small- scale business. This is because; it enables them to connect with their staff and client. In addition, Cox webmail is a free email service just like other emailing systems like Gmail, yahoo mail, and AOL email.

With this article, you will be seeing how you can sign up for your Cox webmail online, how you can login to your account, and also this article will help you know more about Cox services.

How to Login to your Cox Webmail Accounts

  • Firstly, you are to visit the Webmail home page. This can be at or at
  • Secondly, you are required to enter your correct login details. This includes your username and your password.
  • You can also click on the remember user ID box to save your login detail if you are using your personal device.
  • Next, you are to select any of the two options from the form. This can be either Classic webmail or Enhanced Webmail
  • After that, you can now click on the sign-in button located below the webmail option.

If you have successfully entered your correct login information you will be granted access to your online account.

How to Reset your Password

If you are having a problem because you can’t remember your password or user ID, here are quick steps for resetting your password.

To reset your password follow these steps;

  • Firstly, go to the login page
  • Secondly, click on the forget password/user ID button.
  • You will have to follow the steps that will be displayed for you in order to retrieve your password or User ID.
  • Also, you can chat with their only customer service representative in helping you reset your password.

Benefits of Cox Webmail

  • Users get a Mcfee anti-spam protection.
  • Users also get 10 email addresses and 2-GB of file storage space.
  • This service also offers cloud storage.
  • Users with a higher plan of 10-GB email storage capacity that comes with an option of bundling internet, home phone, and cable TV

Cox Webmail Settings Online

You can get to do a lot with this tab options. For instance, you can refresh your interval, default app after sign in, auto-opening of the notification area, and your time zone settings.

Email Server Settings

Email server settings must be set properly, or else you may be having issues logging in.

The list of your mail server setting runs from IMAP, POP, and SMTP. Which can be used to send and receive Cox email.

Cox IMAP server settings

This can be a term to be an incoming and outgoing mail setting.

This is what allows you to read, spend, and save your email when you use a third party.

In addition, this app can be Mail, Window, outlook, Gmail, or others.

Furthermore, you are to use – as the server name.

Also, the port number should be 993 and SSL enabled. While the outgoing mail setting should be

Cox POP and PO3 Email Server Settings

If you don’t wish to use Cox high-speed Internet webmail but wish to access their mail alone. Then, you can use the Cox Server name at – as your incoming server and as the outgoing server address.

This server setting provides you access to your email without using your internet.

The difference between these POP emails and IMAP is that POP emails from an online server to a local storage location, while IMAP only temporarily stores the email locally.

However, the source file still remains online.

Equally, IMAP functions like Cloud storage and POP don’t.

Cox Mail Settings for your Device

You can also use this Cox mail on your devices either with an Android device or your IOS device.

If you are using your IOS device, this can be done using the following steps;

  • Using your iPhone or your Ipad, you are to click on settings.
  • Select mail, contact, calendar, and then you choose to add an account.
  • Chose other
  • Now, click on add mail account.
  • Afterward, type in your name, your email address, and your password. Click on the next or save icon.
  • Select POP to go to your server settings
  • Type in your incoming and outgoing server details, your username, and password. Do not enter this time.

Cox Customer Service

For those having issues with their account, you can contact Cox customer service using any of the given means below;

  1. Cox telephone number: you can contact them by calling;
  • 866-961-0027 (online)

1-866-961-0027 (Local)

Using the above numbers, you can contact them on issues concerning cables, TV support, internet server problems, and payment issues.

Although, if you are having issues like; invoicing, technical support or about product and services. Then you can call them using the number below;


  1. Also, the next option is the Cox chat or customer service chat:

There is also a 24/7 chat customer person waiting to help you using the link below;

With the above means, you can fix all your Cox Webmail online login issues or any other complaint.

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