Facebook Smart Glasses – next generation of smart glasses

Facebook Smart Glasses Launching

Facebook is launching a new line of wearables. Which is the next generation of smart glasses and they are partnering with the European eyewear company called ‘EssolirLuxoxttica’.
Before now, Facebook has earlier launched a high-quality VR headset called “Oculus Quest” which came with a high-quality experience for users.

Facebook smart Glasses

The first producer under the multiyear pact will be. Branded “Ray-Ban” and this is scheduled to launch in the year 2021. Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of. Facebook announced this pact during the Facebook connect virtual conference. Also, in the conference, the company’s Oculus division also unveiled the next generation Oculus Quest 2 wireless VR headset.
The company has promised to reveal the name of the. Product and other features of the device in 2021. This also includes a live map of 3D spaces and hardware necessary for future AR devices.
Also, this smart glass on-device computing power will then be used to access encrypted and stored information. That when uploaded it can separate designated back-end storage system. As a result, this will help. Facebook researchers in figuring out how AR can work in the actual world.

About Facebook Smart Glasses

This device can give users better ways to connect with their friends or love ones. In the same vein, Andrew Bosworth who is the VP of Facebook Reality Labs noted that “wearables have the potential to do such – connecting you with people closest to you.
This partnership with EssilorLuxottica is a great means because they will be using their expertise and their world-class brand catalog in making the first new-generation of fashionable smart glasses.

Project Aria Research

Project Aria Research is a project established for the purpose of the future of wearables. In fact, this project is. Building a future where wearables can flow with our everyday life. And in enhancing the world at large.
This device is being worn as regular glasses. With features including, a live map of 3D spaces and the hardware. Necessary for the future of AR device.
With these 3D maps, the future of devices. Will be more efficient to see, analyze, and understand the world around them and also serve those who use them.

Uses of the Facebook Smart Glasses

This Aria research (Facebook Glasses) can help users in performing their everyday tasks and activities better. Specifically, this is done by enabling them to navigate a new. City or in finding their lost keys.
In addition, users can as well get. To use this smart glass to help them keep a record of their daily activities or conversations.
In conclusion, this device. Will help users establish deep connections between people and things that matter most to them.
It would also help in providing more.Uutility and information. Likewise, decreasing the time spent looking. Down at various devices.
If you feel you will love to get this device. You can expect to get more information and also get to know the date. Of the releases in the year 2021.

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