PayPal Invoice – Understanding How do PayPal Invoice Works

PayPal invoice is a great feature that is being created by PayPal. Also, with this invoice, you can easily manage your billing and also get paid.

In this article, I will be showing you what PayPal is all about, how it works, and the steps in opening an account.


If this is your first time hearing about a PayPal invoice, you can choose to start using it, especially if you are a seller. In addition, requesting payment is easy and customizable.


  • Firstly, with PayPal invoicing, it is easy and simple to send a professional and customized invoice.
  • Also, PayPal emails customers a link in their invoice. Notwithstanding, you can also put a link in your own email so your customers can view your invoice details.
  • Thirdly, customers can pay with a debit card, credit card, and PayPal balance or PayPal credit.
  • Lastly, whichever payment options your customers choose you can receive your money in minutes.


How PayPal Invoice Work

PayPal gives users the ability to bill and receive payment from their customers or client through email. Also, this process works just like paper invoices and customers can directly use their credit card or use their PayPal account.

Here are the steps in using your account;

  • Firstly, Login into your PayPal account.
  • Secondly, click on send and request, now click on the More tab.
  • Thirdly, on the next page click on get started, which is under the “create an invoice” section.
  • Now, click on the plus icon. This icon is to create an invoice on the right- hand side of the page.
  • Next, you will be directed to a page where you will fill in all the information necessary for your invoice. For instance; your name, logo and so much more.
  • Also, make sure that your information was correctly filled out.
  • Afterward, click on “send” at the button on the page. Equally, this page gives you the option to send your invoice via PayPal or by yourself.
  • Lastly, it will also generate a link you can use in sending to anyone through your mail or other chat services.

PayPal Account Activation

Here are the steps in creating an account;

  • First, login to the PayPal website at
  • Next, click on sign up for free.
  • Now fill in your information like your email address and your password. However, when creating your password you must choose a strong password that is easy to remember.
  • In the same way, fill in your personal details.
  • Now enter your credit or debit card. However, this option is optional and you can do it at a later time. But in other to verify your account you must fill them.
  • Similarly, fill in your bank account to your PayPal account. This is also optional.


Accordingly, applying for a credit card is also optional and when applying you are to read their terms of use.

Also, creating an account is free and there is no setup, cancellations, or monthly fees.

Lastly, a PayPal account can be customized. That is to say that you can add promotional discounts, product descriptions, and your company’s logo

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