US Bank Routing Number

US Bank Routing Number

To set up your automatic payment in the United States, you need to enter the bank’s routing number. The routing number is a 9-digit code found in the lower left part of your bank check and it is also called transit numbers or RTN.

So to make your online payment or by phone, you will need to enter your checking account routing number. Most of the time, we come across this hurdle when making payment for monthly bills, filling the form for auctions, and direct deposit. Knowing this US Bank Routing Number will help you make instant payments without a huddle.US Bank Routing Number

The table below is the list of US Bank Routing Number based on your location and region where the account was opened. It is listed below.

States US Bank Routing

Arizona 122105155

Arkansas 082000549

California – Northern 121122676

California – Southern 122235821

Colorado – Aspen* 102101645

Colorado – all other areas 102000021

Idaho 123103729

Illinois – Northern 071904779

Illinois – Southern 081202759

Indiana 074900783

Iowa – Council Bluffs 104000029

Iowa – all other areas    073000545

Kansas  101000187

Kentucky – Northern 042100175

Kentucky – Western 083900363

Minnesota – East Grand Forks* 091215927

Also Minnesota – Moorhead 091300023

Minnesota – all other areas 091000022

Missouri – 081000210

Missouri – Western 101200453

Montana 092900383

Nebraska (+ Council Bluffs, IA)  104000029

Nevada 121201694

New Mexico 107002312

North Dakota (+ Moorhead, MN) 091300023

Ohio – Cleveland 041202582

Ohio – all other areas     042000013

Oregon 123000220

South Dakota 091408501

Tennessee 064000059

Utah 124302150

Washington 125000105

Wisconsin 075000022

Wyoming 307070115

Others US Bank Routing Number

Routing Number             Bank     Address**          State, Zip

092904554         U.S. BANK          EP-MN-WN1A ST. PAUL Minnesota, 55107

104101575         U.S. BANK          EP-MN-WN1A ST. PAUL Minnesota, 55107

011501747         U.S. BANK NA    60 LIVINGSTON AVE ST PAUL      Minnesota, 55107

041202582         U.S. BANK NA    EP-MN-WN1A ST. PAUL Minnesota, 55107

042000013         U.S. BANK NA    EP-MN-WN1A ST. PAUL Minnesota, 55107

064000059         U.S. BANK NA    EP-MN-WN1A ST. PAUL Minnesota, 55107

107001452         U.S. BANK NA    EP-MN-WN1A ST. PAUL Minnesota, 55107

107002312         U.S. BANK NA    EP-MN-WN1A ST. PAUL Minnesota, 55107

312270379         U.S. BANK NA    EP-MN-WN1A ST. PAUL Minnesota, 55107

All Other States 091000022For those that are into a business that uses account management account, you are free to use the statewide routing number.

U.S Bank savings account Routing numbers: To get your savings account routing number for US Bank, call 800-872-2657.

U.S. Bank IRA Routing Numbers: Those in this category Call 800-US-BANKS to get auto-transfer instruction for your existing U.S. Bank IRA.

U.S. Bank SWIFT Code is USBKUS44IMT.

Note: The routing number is different from the account number and check number. When you look out at the button of your check, you will notice some series of numbers. The first group is your US Bank Routing Number, the second your account number and the last set your check number.

Routing Number – US Bank Routing Number

When you take a good look at your regular check, the first list of numbers – usually 9 digits or so in the lower part of the check is your bank’s routing number. Most of the time, it is 9 digits number or code. I will like to put it straight here that the symbols and characters surrounding this set of numbers are not part of it.

Again, the routing number of banks may vary due to location. It is wise to look out for your bank’s routing number for your particular location.

Account Number

Immediately after your routing number, the next number that follows the symbols and character are your account number. Some banks alternate the position of the account number with that of the Check number. But if you want to determine your account number, check out for the one with the long list of digits. An account number is always a unique number meant for your bank alone. That is why it can only be found in your bank check note or when you sign in to your account online.

Check Number

The last of it is your check number. Most of the time, it is the last list of digits in the lower left-hand side of your check. It is the shortest amongst the list of digits. It helps you check and track which check you are writing.

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