B&E Mobile banking Online | B&E CARDS Login at www.b-e.com.au/

B&E Mobile banking Online | B&E CARDS Login at www.b-e.com.au/

The B&E we know today has its original name as Bass and Equitable building, formed as far back as 1870 by a group of public-spirited citizens who saw the need to provide housing finance by way of a co-operative venture and it traded as Equitable Building and Investment Society.B&E Mobile banking Online

The founders were not too bothered even though they knew it would take roughly ten solid years before they could receive their dividends. The startup capital was too small as they could only raise a token sum of $235 at its first meeting.

But the nine Directors, chaired by the then Superintendent of Police, James Coulter, were so glad to have started something of this kind.

Irrespective of its little beginning, B&E group didn’t lose focus. The first loan was issued for $400 to James Brickhill for land in Brisbane Street between Margaret and Bourke Street and the second was a more substantial loan of $1000 to Gustavus Gabriel for a Wellington Street shop and house.

B&E Group changed its name to Launceston Equitable Building Society in the year 1877 in the month of May.

However, after the World War II, the society experienced its biggest growth for lending approximately $10million; financing more than 700 homes concurrently, alongside other building societies.

More so, the society began provision of banking services in the South of Australia (the institution is the oldest financial house of Australia) through agencies. This was as far back as the year 1888.

During the 1980s it established three branch offices – the Rosny branch (September 1981), Moonah branch (May 1986) and the Hobart branch (October 1986). The Moonah branch was relocated to Glenorchy in May 2000.

Bass & Equitable, changed its name to B&E to mark a fresh image and marketing strategy for the society, in November 2001.

B&E Online Bank has gained the distinction of being the second most recognized financial institution in Tasmania. And has more than 30,000 members and assets of more than $400 million.

PRODUCTS of B&E Mobile banking Online

B&E provides banking and financial services such as retail banking, rediATMs, internet banking, mobile banking, client service Centre. Also, B&E Mobile banking Online provides you with home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, landlord insurance, etc.

Types Of Account

B&E offers a complete range of flexible everyday accounts that make day-to-day living a breeze. These accounts are uniquely grouped into; youth advantage, home advantage, super advantage, pension advantage and everyday advantage/ they are further classified into

  • Savings Account
  • Mobile Banking
  • Everyday Account

Available Cards Of B&E

B&E CARDS grant convenient access to customers’ cash or credit 24/7 for online, overseas or over the phone purchases. These are the various features of B&E all VISA Cards.

Visa Credit Cards

Visa Debit Cards

Visa Pay Wave


The company state is lower and flexible than the competitors’ rate.

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