Retail Banking – What Is Retail Banking And Consumer Banking

Retail Banking – What Is Retail Banking And Consumer Banking.

Retail Banking remains one of the core functions of banks. This service is the service that banks offer at the individual level. It is the provision of banking services and products to the individual rather than to corporations, companies, or rival banks. Retail BankingIt can be called consumer banking due to the fact that the services are meant for individual consumption.

Retail Banking services – consumer Banking.

The service rendered at this level of banking includes Personal loans, savings, and transactional accounts, debit cards, Mortgages, and credit cards.

Retail Banking is amongst the range and categories of service offered by commercial banks. This range of services tends to focus more on the individual rather than the bigger corporations.

This consumer banking is listed alongside other services like wholesale Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and other services rendered by banks.

Banks like Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and HSBC are amongst the list of top banks that offers Retail Banking.

Sometimes, a commercial bank can be used to represent normal, this helps makes investment Banking different from Consumer Banking.

Formally in the US after the economic downturn, an Act was instituted in the United States Congress. It mandating investment banks to handle all capital markets, while Retail Banking or normal banking engaged only core banking activities.

Later in the 1990s, the Act was repealed. This new move made the commercial banks go all out to offering service beyond the individual. They now handle financial transactions with the corporation. Their service since then has gone above Retail type of Banking or individual transaction.

Types of Retail type Banking.

This type of banking covers private banks, savings banks, accepting savings deposits, postal savings banks, and offshore banks.

This service can be accessed in most of the commercial banks around you.

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