Gap Credit Card – How to Apply for Gap Credit Card

Applying for Gap credit card is a one-way step in using this amazing card. After you have applied for this card the next thing you should do is to activate it so you can now access this card benefits.

This visa card has been designed for Gap customers. For this purpose, cardmembers can use their credit card in making purchases and earn as they pay when their card is loaded. So, you can choose to join this platform by applying the steps that you will see here.

Gap Credit Card

Gap Store

This is a shopping store for unisex wear. Men and women can now locate a perfect place for their wear and accessories. This store has quality wears for its customer that is affordable. Also, with the Gap credit card, customers can use the credit card for their everyday purchases. By doing so, they also earn more cash that they can also use. This credit card makes shopping easier and payment can be easily transferred and received in a short interval.

Now that you are interested in doing the Gap credit card application, you must know if you are eligible for the Gap credit card. This card doesn’t have many criteria but you must know that it can only be accessed by residents of the US.

How to Apply for Gap Credit Card

These are what you must have when planning on doing your Gap application.

  • Firstly, you must have good internet access and a Smartphone or PC that can help you do your online application.
  • You will also need some information like; your email address, your last 4 SSN digits, and others.

Now let’s show you how to go about your application process.

Gap Credit Card Application

  • Log in to the application page at,
  • Now you will have to put your mobile number, SSN, and other details. Although, you can also register without your phone number.
  • After going through all this process, you should click on the Apply button.

Since you have applied for your Gap credit card, you should know how to activate your card as well.

Gap Credit Card Online Account Activation

This will help you register your account so that you can be able to log in at any given time.

Here is how to go about it:

  1. Get your browser and log in to
  2. Next, click on “I want to Register” this will help you in applying.
  3. After that, enter all the requirements and details.
  4. Now, submit your registration form.

With this, you will be able to login into your account. Let’s show you how to achieve this:

  • Use your browser to locate the login page at
  • Enter your login details. That is, your username and your password
  • Now, you can click on the login button.

Congratulations, you are now in your Gap credit cards online account. Go on and explore all the features of the account.

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