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Google Meet – the latest featured program on G Suite

You make use of G suite right, do you know the latest feature called Google meet? There is a lot to learn here. Thus, this is a program that everyone will like to make use of. Why it lets you connect with people by either video or audio over your computer’s web browser. Moreover, it also has a mobile app called the Google Meet App. The same task you make online via the web can be done with the app.Google Meet

In line with connecting with people, you are enabled to launch your video meeting and then start inviting through email. Guess what? To do that, you can always click on your Gmail contact list to invite colleagues to join you. More so, you can add contacts directly through the Google Meet.

Here, when you invite a colleague to join you in a meeting and he/she has a Google account, the meeting will be added to their calendar. Thus, this will help them to remember.

What are the features of Google Meet?

  • Meetings at large: Google meet allows you to invite up to 250 participants. And the good thing is that it can be from either the same team or outside the organization.
  • Safe meet: Google meet videos are encrypted. Am sure you know what that means. Thus, videos are secure even on transit, plus other commensurable measures put in place for more security.
  • Record-for-later: Google meet allows recording in case you have important meetings. Thus, this is usually stored in the Google drive for you.
  • Share on-screen: here, you can present documents, slides, and more while the conference call is going on.
  • Broadcasted events: with this, businesses, teams, schools, or organizations can view and present in live-streamed events. Moreover, there are up to 100,000 in-domain viewers here.
  • Are you ready to access Google to meet on any device? You can do that with any device of course. All you need to do is to share links and invite team members to join the conversation from a web browser or the app.

What we just reviewed to you above is powered by Google Speech to Text technology.

How to Get Google Meet App Faster

You can download Google meet app faster from the web browser or using the market app such as play store. When you get the app installed on your device, you can now go ahead to fill out the forms to start hunting.

Requirements for Using Google Meet

To make use of G meet, you must be a G Suite user. From here, you can take it up to having the following ready.

  • You need to first turn on Google meet for your organization as a G Suite administrator.
  • Sign in to your G Suite account to create a video meeting.
  • If you are not invited, you are not eligible to take part in the meeting. That is to say, someone already in the meeting must allow you in.
  • Anyone can join the meeting with the link. Thus, both within or outside the organization.
  • Your device must support Google Meet.

Google Meet Grid View

Google meet grid view is a layout that Google Meet use to show layouts and extension. By so doing, equal-sized video is provided for use in a meeting. In other words, it helps to enhance your Google meet videos and the speaker. Thus, you can have your meeting without a need for a primary speaker. It is the grid that loads the video camera for every participant.

For you to use the Google grid view, you will need to install the software extension. So when that is done, you just need to sign in to the google meet and locate the extension icon.  Activate it when you want to use it.

How to Use Google Meet

  • Visit or launch the app on your Smartphone.
  • Locate and click on Start new meeting.
  • Choose your google account you want to use.
  • Proceed to click on the join meeting. Now you can add others to your meeting.

Google Meet vs. zoom

Between google meet and zoom which is the best? This comes to the mind of individuals looking for the best place to have video conferencing. But the below statement will review.

Google meet is free as long as you have your G suite subscription for unlimited video conferencing.

Here is a little you need to know about google meet


  • The share screen is available.
  • You can share files via chat
  • it is free to use
  • Worry no more about the fee for call-in participants.
  • More features are available with a Gsuite subscription.


  • The dashboard of Zoom is better than G Meet.
  • It hosts fewer participants.
  • Mac users find it unreliable.

Zoom –The best place for conducting video conferencing. Thus, it has enough equipment to help you conduct that. For instance, you can make use of telecoms and webcams to allow you join in from a single place and device. But there is one thing you need to know, this place is more expensive than Google meet. For instance, it charges call-in fees, unlike what you get in G Meet.


  • There are collaboration tools
  • There is also free account sign up
  • lots of conferencing equipment
  • integrates with all operating systems
  • you can invite up to 500 people


  • Cost extra for call-in access
  • You must disable popup blockers to use the zoom

In conclusion

Both Zoom and Google Meet have close features and tools needed for hosting a conference meeting. This makes both of them good for home and office use. But in the midst of that, there is something about zoom. It is the best option looking at it from the point of the volume of persons you can host, and more.

Their similarity comes in where you have the “connect to conference equipment, share screen, and breakout rooms.

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