Scotiabank online | Scotiabank PR | Scotia online banking at

Scotiabank online | Scotiabank PR | Scotia online banking at

Scotiabank is a Canadian multinational bank and third largest bank in Canada in terms of market capitalization and deposit. Scotia bank has branches in over 55 nations abroad making Canadian most popular bank abroad.scotiabank

The bank presently serves over 23 million customers worldwide and is renowned for its unique services.

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Its service serves both individual and corporate bodies. It services include commercial banking, wealth management, investment and corporate banking. It is one of the largest banks in Canada with assets of $856.5 billion.

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History Of Scotiabank and Scotia online Banking 

The history of the bank is traced back to 1832 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As at then, it was lead by the foremost president William Lawson.

The bank later moved down to Toronto, Ontario in 1900. Scotia bank later grew to become Canadian most popular bank abroad when it chooses to acquire so financial house and stakes abroad.

These acquisitions were more in the Caribbean and Indian. One of those is Scotia bank Mexico, Scotia bank India, Scotia bank PR or Puerto Rico, Scotia bank Jamaica, Scotia bank New York, Scotiabank Sam Juan, Scotia bank New York, Scotia bank Bogota and other alliance and merger deals abroad.

Scotia bank has it business focused on four business lines which are

International Banking services | Online Banking at

Canadian Banking Services

Global Wealth & Insurance (GwI) and

Global Banking and Markets.

International Banking

The product and services of this company are not restricted to Canada alone as Scotia Bank give a full range of financial services abroad. It does this through its Global Banking and Markets using its own Wealth and Insurance program to meet the demands of clients and customers abroad.

Canadian Banking | Scotiabank PR

With this, Scotia online Banking provides its local customers in Canada with its robust financial services. With its advanced customer services, it gives users on home ground with self-directed Banking solution. This is made possible with the use of Tangerine Bank. These services include financial advice, banking solutions, support and it robust customer support services.

Global Banking And Markets

The wholesale Banking service and the capital markets arm from another unit of the Scotia Bank business unit.

With this, it offers customers lots of products and services to select from. These services are mostly reserved for co-operating bodies, institutional investor clients and Government across the Globe.

Global Wealth and Insurance (GWI):

This is a combination of Scotia bank’s wealth management and insurance operations in Canada and other parts of the world.  It merges this service with its own Global Transaction Banking to raise and give services to its end user not minding their location.


Scotia Banks have received lots of awards of excellence to its credit. It has gained lots of international recognition to its credit for the first-class financial services it is offering.

Ranging from;

Bank of the Year award in Mexico

Bank of the Year by Banker’s Magazine in London

Best Emerging Market Bank by Global Finance Magazine and Lots more.