Westpac Internet Banking | Westpac Online Banking | Westpac Login At www.westpac.com.au

Westpac Internet Banking | Westpac Online Banking | Westpac Login At www.westpac.com.au

Westpac Bank is an Australian bank and the head office is in Sydney. Record has it that Westpac is among the list of Australia’s “Big Four” banks. The official name is Westpac banking corp, but it is popularly called Westpac bank, for short.Westpac Internet Banking

Westpac bank is the second-largest bank in Australia by assets and doubles as New Zealand’s second-largest bank.

Westpac Online Banking Login | Westpac Internet Banking

If you are a customer, the online account of this bank will help a lot. The steps below will help connect and login Westpac account online with ease. To login online,

  1. Launch your browser and visit the bank’s official web page. http://www.westpac.com.au
  2. Next, click on the login button and enter your login details correctly.
  3. with this, you will be taken to your account online.

The online account will help you control and monitor what happens to in your account. you can now view and monitor account activities with ease.

For Westpac Internet Banking, Westpac Online Banking and Westpac Login, click here or visit www.westpac.com.au.


History Of Westpac Bank

Westpac bank provides banking and financial services and traded as;




Bank of NSW which was started in the year 1817 as a commercial bank of Australia. It later preceded Westpac banking corp which was founded 35 years ago(1982).

Products And Services Of Westpac Online Banking And Offline

Known for banking and financial services, Westpac bank offers its customers with finance and insurance services. They offer consumer banking, corporate banking, private equity, credit cards, and mortgages.


Westpac bank offers ranges of product to satisfy its numerous and unique customers. They have the following unique products and services;

  • Westpac choice (for concession holders): this account is designed for the low salary earners especially those under the Australian social security benefits. The holders of this account are not charged service fees. Transactions are free if you are using this plan as you can do transfers across  Westpac bank branches at no cost. It also covers Westpac ATMs, online banking, Telephone banking, EFTPOS, St. George, Bank SA, and Bank of Melbourne. They also have staff assistance anytime anywhere.
  • Westpac 55+and retired account:  This account is for retirees, aged 55 and above. It comes with their concession cards which show they are Australian pensioners.  For this group of people, Westpac grants them free monthly account service fee. They also receive up to2.5p.a on their interest balance. However, different interest rates may apply to different portions of their balance.
  • Their interest rates which are calculated daily is paid monthly.
  • They receive free daily transaction-eight per month if their minimum monthly balance is under $20,000 and unlimited if it exceeds $20, 000.

Services Of Westpac Internet Banking

Westpac bank offers

In branch services, the bank makes sure all the branches are easy to access by having power-assisted entry doors for those with wheelchairs. It has a flexible height brochure displays, contrasting signage for easy notice etc.

This bank comes with online services, making its websites easier for all customers. It also ensures color contrasts for easy reading and by having talking ATMs for those with hearing issues, etc

Number Of Locations And ATMs

Westpac bank as at November 2015 has a total number of 1,429 branches and 3,850 ATMs. it is so because it has over 13.1 million customers all over the world. It also has a worldwide coverage. In order to take care of all its customers, Westpac bank has a total staff strength of 32,620 employees at November 2015.


The following are the alliance of Westpac bank:

St. George Bank and Bank of Melbourne.

Deals And Acquisition

Bank South Pacific on the 29th of Jan 2015, made known to the public the terms it entered with Westpac to acquire Westpac operations in five different locations. This is with an amount of A$125 million, the locations include; Samoa, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Tonga.

Revenue And Net Income

According to the 2015 review of Westpac bank, it generates total revenue of a$21.642million, and a net income of A$8.012billiom

Customer Service line: 00961292939270.

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