Activate Old Navy Card Account With Ease

Old Navy Card activatioin is easy is easy to go by but let us talk about the company first. Old Navy is a fashion giant specially built for the teens and adult age group. Here, Old Navy comes handy when it comes to cheap and affordable quality fashion designs of all sorts.

Founded in the year 1980, Old Navy once functions under the brand Gap but later choose to ply the fashion lane. So you can now bank on Old Navy for quality and affordable clothing. This clothing outfit presently runs over 1000 stores across the globe with its headquarter in San Francisco USA.

Its quality and business style helped Old Navy to go over 4 Billion in revenue in the easily beginning. It became the first company to reach that mark after a few years of start-up.

Most of the customers don’t know old lady offer credit card account to its patron the same way most of the stores does. This credit card is different from the card you can obtain from the parent company Gap, Banana Republic, Gapkids and more.

Activate Old Navy Card Account with Ease

This article will for a quick guide on how you set up and activate your Old Navy Card.

  1. Ensure that you have an internet enabled device; phone, PC or tablet.
  2. The User should have a functional email running.
  3. For those that don’t have an Old Navy account, you will be required to setup one. This article will assist you Register and activate your credit card with ease.
  4. To activate your card, you will need to enter the email you used for setting up the account. With that done, click on the green Login button.
  5. For those that have misplaced their password, you can look out and follow the error page.
  6. This will lead to the Next button for the next page Key in your details as may be required of you and the click the activation Button.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated your old navy credit card. With this activation, you can now begin to use the in-store purchase as well as the online purchase.

Using the coupon could further earn you more saving, so don’t forget to make use of it.

Visit the official Old Navy page here for more details:

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