HDFC Netbanking | HDFC Credit Card | HDFC Bank Online Login At

HDFC Netbanking | HDFC Credit Card | HDFC Bank Online Login At

HDFC Bank is one of India’s leading financial houses with a massive growing customer base. HDFC banking service began operation in the year 1994 but started full service in 1995. HDFC is a brainchild of Finance Development Operation netbanking

HDFC bank presently has more 87,000 employees having branches in nations like Bahrain, Dubai, and Hong Kong. With its headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra Indian, HDFC ranks as the largest bank in India by asset. It also the largest in capitalization and Forbes ranked HDFC 7th in the list of top ten biggest consumer financial service firms.

As we speak, HDFC runs over 2201 branches and maintains 7110 ATMs.

HDFC Credit Card

It operates in over 996 cities across India. It has the largest number of credit card. It is crown the highest issuer of credit cards from the statistics gathered from per Reserve Bank of India Data. The bank is not stopping here as they are planning to double the present list of credit card base in the next one year.

These increase in various segment of HDFC Netbanking have seen the surge 20% increase in net profit the last financial year.

Business Service Arm of HDFC Netbanking

The bank capitalizes on three core segments which are; the treasury, Wholesale Banking, and core banking service.

Recently, started a service that is dedicated to the start-up’s company in Kolkata. The brand is called “Startup” as they tend to meet the present financial needs of the start-up companies. HDFC bank is not in this venture alone as they are having a partnership Nasscom.

Outside the financial service to these start-ups, they offer them payment solutions, Forex as well as advisory services.

Other Product Of service

The bank offers a 30-minute auto loan, they still run e-payment gateways and 15-Munite Two-Wheeler loans well Digital Wallet.

You can also get treasury services, Auto car loan, loan Against Property and Credit Cards Personal loans.

Other Digital products

HDFC Bank is presently embarking on the plan to bring in robots to stand for most of its financial service against the human force in most of its branches.

These robots will offer withdrawal, Deposit, Forex, and fixed deposit account services.

Revenue: of Rs. 60221.45 crore

Net Profit/Loss: Rs. 12296.23 crore

Market Capitalization: Rs. 298464.15 crore

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